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Why mjlsi?2020-10-06T06:44:07+00:00
  • Mjlsi is designed to manage the board of directors at all stages in a simple and easy-to-form system, with effective and high performance
  • We have customized prices through 3 options according to your needs
  • We provide a 24-hour technical support team inside Saudi Arabia
Can several committees be formed in one subscription?2020-10-06T06:46:25+00:00

The system allows an unlimited number of committees within a single institution

Is my data safe and secure?2020-10-12T06:36:54+00:00

In Mjlsi, we believe that one of the most important factors for us is the privacy of data and the confidentiality of information. The stages of data transfer pass through several layers, the most important of which are:

1- Tests (penetration test)

2- Encryption via SSL technology

3- Multi-factor authentication

4- Cloud is transferred by STC Cloud Service, STC Cloud from highly rated data centers in securing and storing data and data fields from international certificates

Can you assign tasks to Mjlsi?2020-10-06T06:52:50+00:00

It is true in Mjlsi the secretary of the council can assign tasks to the members and link them to the special item and follow up the progress of the task through a control panel through which the secretary of the council can follow up the tasks for all members and upload reports of all tasks for all members

What languages ​​are supported in Mjlsi?2020-10-06T06:51:25+00:00

Mjlsi supports both Arabic and English language system even the language of the files

Is Mjlsi available on smart devices?2020-10-06T06:49:48+00:00

Yes, Mjlsi is available for free for smart devices from the Apple Store and GooglePlay Store. Prepare a venue for board meetings of any. Review documents, answer printers, printers, and complete all tasks

Can I manage last minute changes to a meeting?2020-10-06T06:47:52+00:00

Mjlsi allows the secretary of the council to amend the meeting at any time

Mjlsi is a system that creates and manages meetings of boards of directors in all stages by preparing for the meeting, discussing the topics, documents, presentation, participation, decision making, assigning tasks and preparing the minutes of the meeting

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