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Smart, Simple and Safe Meetings

Majlis is a system that creates and manages meetings of boards of directors in all stages by preparing for the meeting, discussing the topics, documents, presentation, participation, decision making, assigning tasks and preparing the minutes of the meeting

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Mjlsi Services

Agenda Preparing

The system provides all the necessary tools to organize meetings and prepare the agendas to be discussed before, during and after the meeting. It also helps to organize and manage the structure and governance of the board

Send Invitations

The system allows invitations to be sent to the meeting and guest members and to confirm who is invited

Manage Meetings

The system provides the ability to organize and manage meeting times, ensure sequence of topics, vote and review files easily

Meeting Minutes

After the meeting, the system shall be able to prepare the minutes of the meeting including its subjects and the results of the voting

Mjlsi Features

Improve productivity

Helping Board members make decision, discuss topics, review documents and vote in an efficient and convenient manner

Information security

Data management and document protection, and the process of establishing a meeting and managing invitations and agenda automatically

Increasing flexibility

Access to meetings and documents anytime, anywhere, easily and safely

Cost savings

Reduce the cost of using paper and handicrafts

Better collaboration within meetings

Mjlsi Components

Company Dashboard

Application to attend meetings

Meeting Dates

Specialized committees

Share files with attendees

Share the minutes of the meeting

Share a presentation

Notifications to attend

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The application allows attendees to follow up meetings, participate in events, vote, view the agenda, and view presentations

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